Diablo Poems

   Firebird 2.0's poem

Bounce and slaughter like a
Mad sparrow, but fight with
Intelligence as only a stork
could have, except with fire.

   warriorswift's poem

The swift warrior flying through
the hells slaying as he goes, lightning
flowing behind him like a tattered old
cloak loves to kill at least one hundred

   0628727998@orange.nl's poem
Diablo, Lord of Destruction,
I grant to Thee mine aid.
Diablo, eternal warrior,
Who seeketh Death in all place.
From Tristam to Lut Gholein,
Thy infernal hordes spawn with Thee.
I'd love to hack and slash,
May it be with Thee.

    The Light Magi's poem

As I reap I see one hundred souls rising,
thanking me for my kindness.
As I kill I see two hundred ghosts disappearing,
asking to do a favor.
As I slaughter I see three hundred angels rising,
hoping that I kill Diablo.

    Flameox's poem

Anything in my path burns,
causing demon fires,
which destroy innocent people,
who drop all their gold,
I am rich.

        Doomwarrior 4.0's poem

As i smash my way through dungeons and cells,
all bow before me or die! If any refuse,
They are tortured in a most hideous way.
Their guts are torn out,
and their bones sizzle in sulphuric acid,
Until all that is left is pulp.

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