My Diablo Page

Here are some pictures i took in diablo. The spells i casted to leave them here are hopefully, the best around. Diablo poems,

This is a picture of my equipment.

Here i am (The Lady with a strange helmet)
And a few of my loyal followers.

Here is a beautiful cave i found while wandering.

Here is a strange and wonderful cloak I found,
called the rainbow cloak by the ancient one, cain.

Here are a couple of intelligent and dexterite goats
I found wandering the dungeon.

A strange wizard wearing beautiful armor was seen slaying some
poor, Pitiful, goatmen.

Located in the lava caves of Sarengelli, the lightning fields grow,
Annoying several sleeping gargoyles.

Here are some poor, idiotic, blue bats i found while they were eating
a delicious and nutritious dinner of some poor villagers who ate so
much, their bellies were big. Mmmm, lunch!

Some bat winged, blue skinned, Ladies are testing their bloodstar spells.

oh, look, Twins!

I was surrounded but i fought them off till they  walked away, Whimpering
and licking their wounds.

Some knights in shining armor are running past, out to war with the god of

Diablo, master of all! he said "Shoo!" to the little old lady, and of she ran,
but when he said "Scat! Shoo! Little wimp of a lady you are!" and...

He died instantly.