Chapter 1, Escape from Kasmonide

    In the dark and evil land of Kasmonide, there lived a (bright and good?) peasant. His name was Naman, or bringer of evil. He was out flying his ZB99 scout ship one day when he saw two knights fighting. One had black, steel armor and the other had white, bone armor. The black knight drew his ZENX-33 plasma sword and the white knight drew his TENVIS-18 zap lance. Naman declared the fight to be boring and flew off. He returned to his hometown and reported what he had seen. He glided home on his X-52 glider and mumbled to himself," I want to leave this rotten, horrid, treacherous, evil planet!" He jumped off his glider and got inside his house. The next day Naman packed his hyper-53 backpack with the following items: 300 tons of edibles, a hyper glow flashlight with 500 batteries and 70 replacement bulbs, and his X-52 glider. He got into his ZB-99 scout ship and flew to the nearest spaceport. when he got there, he typed in his access code and walked into the spaceport and glided to docking bay N-3, and the only ship that was going to Hayban was there. He got inside and started the ship. Its engines screamed and he arrived on planet Hayban.
    He got out of the ship and glided to Harnus V, the most exciting city on the planet. when he got there, there were slugs slithering all over the sidewalk. Naman summoned up a teleport and left the planet.

                                                     Chapter 2, Wasmon xy

    Naman reappeared somewhere in the desert of Wasmon xy face to face with a Kedlamore!. The Kedlamore! attacked Naman with its 5 foot long claws and 3 inch long teeth. It bit deep into Naman's left arm. Naman shone his hyper glow flashlight into the Kedlamore!'s eye. As the Kedlamore! was screaming in pain, a 32-Nipsin flew down and blew up the Kedlamore!. The pilot of the 32-Nipsin landed and motioned for Naman to come in and at the same time saying, "get in kid, the name's Keeban Vorba, meaning blaster of Kedlamore!s. What's your name?" Naman responded by getting in, kicking Keeban Vorba out of the window, and flying off.
    Two days later, Naman landed in the small town of Keblan Zeph to explore. He entered a shop that was selling lethal weapons for the price of sharing a spaceport access code. Naman shared his spaceport access code and got a VFNZ-89 plasma rifle, the most powerful hand weapon in existence. Naman decided to try it out on a Ripsnot, one of the biggest creatures in existence. The Ripsnot meandered by, eating sand. Naman giggled wickedly, aimed, and disintegrated the Ripsnot. Three hours later, Naman got bored and teleported himself to a random spot in the universe.

                                                     Chapter 3, Earth

    Naman teleported somewhere in space and almost instantly was sucked up by a wormhole. He reappeared in the Sahara desert, 2229 A.D. As Naman trudged along, he began seeing signs of life. He walked up to a huge, monolithic building and fired. "Bye-bye!" he screamed. Three atoseconds later, a couple of ships screamed down from the sky and incinerated Naman. His ashes were put in a huge spaceship which was going to carry thousands of clones, mutants, and criminals. It was one of many, and the only one to crash and kill everybody inside.

                                                     Chapter 4, New Venus

    It was 2338, and Korla was unhappy. He was being haunted by a strangely alien soul who was calling itself Naman. He got out of bed and called for his pet Zergling. "Kor-Kor," replied his pet. Korla tele-called his friend, the great gray archon, Aetanus, merged from Artanis and Zeratul and asked him what to do. Aetanus told him to go for a long, long, run. Korla got out of his house and belted down the street. His pet Zergling beat him getting to the house and 30 minutes later, Korla leapt to the porch, sweating, he went inside his house. As soon as he got inside, he drank five bottles of water. Naman was gone from him. Korla thanked Aetanus, and had lunch.

                                                     Chapter 5, Aetanus

    Aetanus was angered. A couple days ago, a new threat had appeared. It took the form of a Peroglois, a Protoss sized, intelligent, monster. It was created by genetically merging a templar and a Zergling. Many years ago, Samir Duran had started creating them. Aetanus summoned up the second in command, Zaffron, and told him to order every single Protoss warrior to attack. The command was accepted and the Protoss won. Or so they thought ...
                                                                                                The End